Principle of Operation

The FloLevel Array transducers emit extremely high powered acoustic sound pulses independently, into the Flotation Cell at low audible levels. The pulse amplitude is great enough to cause a phenomenon called “rarefaction”, which causes cavitation to be produced from the Array transducers diaphragms as they pulse. The cavitation bubbles oscillate in front of the diaphragm, which cause implosions that generate high energy levels. This energy level is sufficient to DISSOLVE soluble material, and DISPLACE, insoluble particles, such as oil, grease and scale from the Arrays transducer diaphragms.

Typical Uses

The FloLevel Array is suitable for all mineral recovery, eg: Copper, Molybdenum, Gold, Silver, Lead, Nickel, Iron Ore, Coal, Potash, Oil Sands, Zinc, Gypsum, etc.

Level & Flow Analyzer (FLA)