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The FloLevel system, because of its repeatable level accuracy measuring Pulp/Slurry height and Froth height, as well as having the capability to measure Froth Density and Froth Flow Rate, will increase the mineral recovery and reduce costs of routine sampling and laboratory testing. ​ 

The pulse amplitude is great enough to cause a phenomenon called “rarefaction”, which causes cavitation to be produced from the Array transducers diaphragms as they pulse. Acoustic transducers are not affected by color, density, dielectric or by the type of mineral they are working with.


The FloLevel analyzers can be used in all flotation cell types, including column cells. The FloLevel Array is suitable for all mineral recovery, eg: Copper, Molybdenum, Gold, Silver, Lead, Nickel, Iron Ore, Coal, Potash, Oil Sands, Zinc, Gypsum, etc.


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