Principle of Operation

The FLT (Flotation Level Transmitter) has been specifically purpose designed for Flotation Cell service to offer a simple, low maintenance replacement for level technologies that have been adapted for use in this very difficult environment. The FLT will increase operation efficiency of the Flotation Cell over other level technologies like Displacement Floats, Pressure Transmitters, Conductivity Probes, because the Acoustic technology is not affected by, Density, Buildup, Scaling, Hydraulic Affects, conductivity or Sticky Froth conditions. The FLT FloLevel Array will provide a reliable and repeatable Pulp/Slurry level (Froth Depth) with constant high resolution because the Acoustic technology is not affected by the ore slurry (guange) characteristic changes that affect all other level technologies in the Flotation Cell.

Hydraulic imbalance feed of the  Pulp/Slurry to the Flotation Cell Banks and individual machines can affect displacement floats by increasing the movement (modulation) of the float, reducing the accuracy and repeatability of the technology. Buildup of Scale on the Float will gradually change its displacement position and therefore its accuracy of measurement. Increased wear and buildup on the float and shaft guides will increase maintenance requirements. Floats have been known to stick in place and allow the Pulp/Slurry to overflow the launders, increasing the recovery costs.

Typical Uses

The FLT FloLevel Array is suitable for the mineral recovery of, Copper,Potash, Gold, Nickel, Molybdenum, Silver, Coal, Oil Sands, Zinc, Gypsum, Iron Ore, etc.

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