CyclonFLO - Suspended Solids Transmitter for Mining Concentrators

Principle of Operation

CyclonFLO uses high powered acoustic signals to measure the Solids Concentration % in the slurry by monitoring the Acoustic Impedance changes. The main advantage in using acoustics is that it is not affected by changes in ore characteristics (like background radiation) in the reading. At the same time the measurement takes place the transducers using a phenomenon called “rarefaction” to remove all scale build-up, Clay (Arcilla) and residue from the operating diaphragms.

CyclonFLO Acoustic Arrays are available in a number of transducer sizes to provide a solution to all operating process temperature ranges (Ball Mill Outfeed, SAG Mill Outfeed) and sample time speeds. The simplicity of design provides for easy installation, minimal maintenance support and a long service life, when compared to Concentrate sample analysers.

Typical Uses

The CyclonFLO suspended solids transmitter has been designed specifically for the tough service of the Grinding area of a Mining Concentrator.