Neptune Suspended Solids Analyzer

Neptune is the first purpose built in-situ analyzer for measuring the suspended solids of slurries. Specifically developed for the flotation process in mineral processing, this unique technology gives reliable performance under the most severe service conditions. It incorporates self-cleaning to provide long service life and minimal maintenance.

Principle of Operation

Neptune uses high powered acoustic signals to accurately and repeatedly measure characteristics of the slurry, and provides an analog signal proportional to the changes within these characteristics. At the same time, the high energy action of the Neptune pulse provides acoustic self-cleaning of the sensors to reduce the buildup of scale and coating by the particles in the slurry. It is unaffected by changing environmental conditions within the flotation cell, and is designed to measure suspended solids throughout the measured range.

Typical Uses

The Neptune analyser can be used in all Rougher, Scavenger, Cleaner and Flash Flotation circuits.In Flash Flotation Cells, it could be highly valuable as feedback to the Ball Mill, regarding the percentage of particles that present to the Flash Cell as well as providing feedback for water addition, to optimize recovery of the particles of a size that can be floated in the Flash Cell and returned as concentrate.